What makes my home Smarter – Part 1?

Control and automation technology in homes isn’t really a new phenomenon, but we are seeing a whole lot of new innovations and innovators in this space. Some of the technologies and products seem simple and yet elegant (like Nest) with instant benefits, while there are others (like Tesla’s recent PowerPack announcement) that seem positively revolutionary....
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What’s the ROI on HVAC automation?

For most organisation which are in the process of considering investments in energy management and automation technology, the issue of ROI tends to be top of mind. A key reason for this is that most businesses and CXOs face challenges in quantifying the extent of energy waste that is occurring across their organisbvbation. CRN has an...
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Features of Lutron Homeworks QS

Energy Efficient Integrated control of home lighting, shades, AV & security systems

Light control is critical to enhance the elegance of the room, experience the functionality of electronics involved and also save energy. If there is a simple On/Off switch to turn lights on and off, the amount of light put out by the fixtures is the same, irrespective of specific time, day or night. Usage of dimmers...
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Total light management accessible from your mobile

Light management is very popular as a tool to create beautiful and functional lighting environments, increase productivity, improve occupant comfort and also to save considerable amounts of money and energy. While powerful light control systems have been present in homes and work spaces for ages, recent innovations with control software have made this even more...
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guest room system - actis blog

Smarter guest room system connects into Building Management Systems

Hotels are typically large consumers of electricity, and have just a limited ability to control the usage by guests and staff in with conventional systems. As a result their adoption of various energy management technologies in guest rooms is now commonplace – because the accumulated savings they can achieve across a property are considerable. But...
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Whitepaper: Improving productivity with light controls

Calculating the benefits of lighting and energy management solutions in a commercial context poses a challenge to many workspace designers and the business that build them. The fundamental reason for this is the fact that the technology is more or less invisible or inconspicuous and therefore barely noticed at all. Businesses have also not traditionally...
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benefits of lighting controls and design

How lighting control creates a smarter, more connected home

In this brief, lucid and engaging video, Lutron describes how their Caseta Wireless dimmers and the Lutron Smart Bridge and app are a smart, affordable and reliable, connected home solution. This simple, wireless lighting control solution allows home owners to adjust your lights, shades, and temperature from anywhere. The wireless dimmers work with wide range...
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daylight sensors

Use wireless daylight sensors to automate power savings in your office or home

As organisations grow and become more successful they also inevitably need to expand office space to accommodate a larger team. Unfortunately as the facilities and offices grow, so does the wastage of resources – with power consumption fast becoming one of the key areas of concern. But getting people to change how they view and...
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Lutron Award for Actis Lighting Management

Lutron Award for Actis Lighting Management Systems

We’re happy to share that the Actis Lighting and Energy Management team recently won an award in the commercial (enterprise) segment for our work on implementing Lighting Management Systems (LMS) in India. Lutron is one of the world’s leading solution providers in the area of lighting control and management systems.
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First Look: Boardroom and VC rooms with multi-person Skype-support

Have a peek at some photos from an ongoing project for one of our financial services client. We’re working on 1 High-End Boardroom with Video Conferencing and 4 Meeting rooms which are equipped for extensive collaboration with overseas counterparts and for training programs. Lighting and AV management in these rooms is made possible via an...
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