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Tips for CIOs: Planning Enterprise Collaboration Infrastructure

We explore strategic approaches to elevate your organisation’s collaborative framework in this Q&A with Abhimanyu Gupta of Actis. He highlights several effective guidelines for CIOs planning enterprise collaboration infrastructure. In the wake of unprecedented global changes, the paradigm of enterprise collaboration infrastructure has undergone a transformative evolution, demanding meticulous planning and innovative guidelines. The seismic shift…

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Multi-camera Setups Bring Enhanced Participant Framing to Video Conferences

Multi-camera video conferencing is revolutionising participant framing and elevating the hybrid meeting room experience, bringing new dimensions to virtual interactions Hybrid collaboration spaces are equipped with the technology to facilitate meetings between in-person and remote attendees. This includes high-quality video and audio conferencing equipment, as well as screens and other tools for sharing content. Even as…

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Lighting Control Systems Go Wireless in the Enterprise

In the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise spaces, technological integration has become a cornerstone of efficiency and sustainability. As sustainability has become increasingly important to organisations, wireless lighting control and management systems have come to the fore. Not only do these systems bring improved efficiency in energy consumption by eliminating wastage, but they also bring an…

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