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Video Blog: Energy Management through smart lighting solutions

Saving energy through smart lighting solutions isn’t only a politically correct, go-green initiative, it also makes smart business sense. There are several ways in which you can save and manage energy throughout your home or business. Energy management (EM) is the buzzword these days and includes energy production, energy consumption, and the saving of energy....
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All about Video Collaboration

Video collaboration is here to stay but how we use it continues to evolve. It is moving from room to desk, and from desk to your mobile device, helping solve problems quickly, increase the efficiency of decision making, and much, much more. However, business leaders involved in the adoption of these solutions should keep some...
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Video Blog: Why are high quality cables and switchers critical for meeting and conference rooms?

As a general rule, we pay more attention to the things that seem conspicuous — say the projector we select in a room — than on the quality of the signal that we provide it. This “taking for granted” often results in even well-designed and well-equipped meeting and conference rooms suffering from lack of clarity...
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Video Blog: How can video conferencing work in open layouts or outdoors?

Video conferencing design is reasonably simple to get right, when you have a controlled environment in a specialised Video Conferencing room. But in a more open environment most organisations are faced with a new set of challenges. Highly variable lighting and unpredictable audio “noise” are the primary problems in these environments, and it takes some...
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Video Blog: How Digital Entertainment can be applied in a business environment

Digital entertainment has been around for a while, but its application has been largely limited to residential and hospitality applications. However, in more recent times we are seeing its applications in corporate environments too – with leisure spaces and digital signage applications being at the forefront of adoption. In this video interaction, Sowmya Suryamoorthy from...
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Video Blog: What can AV control and automation solutions do today?

AV control technologies have been a feature of boardrooms and conference rooms for ages – but the new generation of these solutions have expanded to the network. As the technology gets more powerful and affordable, organisations (and individuals) are leveraging Networked AV to integrate their AV and IT systems and create build smarter office and...
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Video: Small tweaks to room design can boost VC quality

A lot of time, attention and expense usually precedes the implementation of video conferencing equipment for an organisation — but the eventual performance can be disappointing if certain aspects of the rooms themselves are overlooked. In this video interaction, Sachin Prabhudesai (who has over 15 years of experience with AV implementation) discusses some of the...
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Video Blog: Discover which Pro AV and integration technologies are driving corporate projects in India

The use of professional audio-visual technology is always evolving in the corporate world with adoption of new tools, especially when they help achieve greater team productivity. Applications like video conferencing, lighting management, control systems and unified communications are being leveraged extensively by India-based organisations to improve business performance. In this video interaction, Sachin Prabhudesai (who...
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