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Training & User Adoption


Increased engagement and productivity

The eventual success of any technology is established by the degree to which it is adopted by its intended users. This is why the right kind of training and user adoption strategies are critical catalysts in maximising the ROI for your AV projects.

Our teams help your organisation plan and execute training for end-users and facilities managers (or systems administrators) who will be utilising the facility. This is to increase user comfort levels with the new tools and applications and lead to increased engagement and productivity.


Onsite and online training delivery

We provide live online and onsite training support for end users and/or facilities management teams in your organisation. This is conducted at the time of commissioning and familiarises them with the new/upgraded features that they have access to for collaboration.


On-demand training for users

On-demand training content can also be provided, to ensure that new joinees are introduced to the facilities’ capabilities and can use them more effectively when they collaborate.


User adoption activities

The transition to new or complex technology is made smoother with a good adoption strategy. We support your team and help ensure it fits your infrastructure, organisational culture and user preferences.


Technical documentation

Our team creates comprehensive documentation for both the users and system administrators to help in more effective use and management of your facilities.

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Actis Technologies helps organisations create smarter infrastructure for improved collaboration, human-centric lighting and simpler management of enterprise AV assets.

Our CTS qualified AV specialists bring you world-class assistance for design, integration and support anywhere.

Need to know more about how our team can provide support for your organisation’s collaboration, AV or energy management infrastructure?


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