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Video Walls

Incredible Interactive Experiences with Custom Video Walls

Video walls are a powerful, flexible and reliable way for delivering information, and engaging with large audiences. They provide organisations with the ability to communicate more effectively by providing great versatility in content sharing, awesome image clarity, custom size and layout capability, seamless display and interactivity.

Actis helps businesses set up custom video walls for boardrooms, auditoriums, Operations Centres, retail, museums, sports and transit environments. These help enhance storytelling and create more engaging user experiences where people work, learn, play and travel.

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Large seamless content canvas

Features bezel-less, high resolution screens that deliver near seamless reproduction of designed content on a large-scale for breathtaking impact. Also very effective for flexible information displays

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Powerful interactivity

Make your content interactive with multi- touch which allows multiple people to interact with it in many ways

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Indoor and outdoor applications

Rugged construction, ultra-bright images and sealed design mean that they can be deployed either outdoors or indoors

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Versatility for enterprise applications

Transform various workspaces such as the boardroom, building lobby, experience centre or auditorium – helping inform, impress or instruct audiences


World-class integration and support with Actis

Actis provides your team with world-class design, integration, maintenance and support services that help maximise ROI.

Benefits of a Video Wall Solutions for Businesses

Video Walls for high-impact visual content and messaging versatility

  • Reliable and resilient technology suited to 24/7 and mission-critical environments
  • Display signals in different resolutions and formats from a wide range of devices – like cable TV boxes, cameras, computers and more
  • Easy content manipulation with tools for managing content — arrange, zoom, crop, scale, layer etc.
  • Minimal maintenance with maximum reliability and uptime. Require almost no consumable parts

Versatile displays for audience engagement

  • Future proof & adaptable due to their longevity, 24×7 capability and support for various content layouts
  • LCD and LED display technology with tiny bezels and pixel pitch that delivers incredible image quality
  • Powerful video wall controllers that allow advanced switching of content from many sources
  • Modular format and dynamic content placement allows your message to be placed into innovative layouts and fit your space perfectly

World-class support via Actis Technologies

  • Needs Analysis & Assessment
  • Systems Design & Planning
  • Installation & Deployment
  • Training & User Adoption
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Managed Services
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Key features of Actis-integrated Video Walls

Hotspot image
Flat screen display
Ceiling Speaker
Intelligent Lighting Control
Touch Panel
LED video wall

We’ve built collaboration infrastructure for leading global organisations

Choose Actis for World-class Specialised AV Solutions

Actis Technologies helps organisations build better AV-enabled interaction and experience spaces for a variety of applications. We apply over two decades of design and build experience to help ensure your team achieve your strategic business objectives.

What we offer clients?

Need to know more about Video Walls for your organisation? Our specialists can help with design, integration or support services.

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