Light control is critical to enhance the elegance of the room, experience the functionality of electronics involved and also save energy. If there is a simple On/Off switch to turn lights on and off, the amount of light put out by the fixtures is the same, irrespective of specific time, day or night. Usage of dimmers helps control the light level as per the task and situation at hand. This is complemented by Shades used in the room. Daylight/occupancy sensors can automatically adjust the light level & shade in the room, thereby creating a quality and productive environment with sufficient light to suit the task. The key benefit of Lutron’s Homeworks QS or the Entire home Solutions is Energy Savings.
Lutron Homeworks QS is an integrated control system for the entire house or bungalow managing controls of various zones or Room scenes through Wired, RF Wireless connectivity. The components of Homeworks QS are Control Interfaces, Sensors, Remote controls, Companion Controls, Keypads, Plug-in modules, Temperature controls, Power Interfaces & panels, Dimmers & Switchers, GRAFIK Eye QS Main units and Processors. The lights are automatically turned on while you enter, light settings adjusted as per ambient light level, Shades set to a particular height, and lights turned off when you leave the room. The light and shade settings can be saved as Preset and recalled later with the touch of a button.
The Homeworks QS easily integrates with third-party manufacturers for security alarm systems, temperature control, AV and can be controlled using Keypad or a software interface like tablet/mobile phones.

Highlights of Lutron Homeworks:

Is designed for medium to large scale residential projects for lighting, shading, and AV control
Homeworks QS processor includes RJ-45 ports, 2 HWI or QS links (5 pin connectors) and power connector
QS processor can control upto 99 QS Devices/ 512 zones, can control wireless through RF link
LED dimming saves upto 90% of energy when used correctly
Single control for shading, lighting & link systems together for larger control
Apple iPad, iPhone & Android remote control options available using WiFi for local & Internet for remote management

Homeworks QS Processor
Homeworks QS Processor


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