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Energy Conservation

Optimise your carbon footprint with advanced Energy Conservation

As the cost of energy escalates, its impact on the profitability and sustainability of any organisation or individual is magnified. We need to get conscious about power consumption behaviour and choices to make better decisions for a sustainable future.

Actis implements LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) compliant solutions to monitor, optimise and reduce the energy utilisation in buildings, through various energy conservation methods. Facility management teams can have access to multi-building, multi-system analytics and controls from a single interface.

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Optimise energy usage

Reduce lighting energy usage significantly and track your building’s lighting energy usage and savings

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Connected and integrated

Networked lighting control systems suited to smarter buildings or campuses and can control thousands of devices

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Advanced customisation

Can utilise a combination of sensor types, advanced logic and integration options to provide high customisation

World-class integration and support with Actis

Actis provides your team with world-class design, integration, maintenance and support services that help maximise ROI.

Benefits of Energy Conservation Systems for Businesses

Maximising organisational energy efficiency and minimising waste

  • Integration allows a huge ecosystem of devices to be brought under control and makes the process of monitoring energy consumption possible
  • Reduce the energy consumption by about 15% via daylight harvesting and natural light control
  • Occupants can adjust lighting to their preferences via local wall control panels, computer control or through handheld transmitters

Eliminate power wastage with energy conservation systems

  • Use various control strategies to achieve power savings for lighting, shades and HVAC
  • Innovative control software is the key to enable facility management, allowing administrators to manage lighting, AV and other resources
  • Single platform for lighting/shade control, advanced customisation and energy management

World class support via Actis Technologies

  • Needs Analysis & Assessment
  • Systems Design & Planning
  • Installation & Deployment
  • Training & User Adoption
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Managed Services
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Key features of Actis integrated Energy Conservation solutions

We’ve built collaboration infrastructure for leading global organisations

Choose Actis for World-class Environment Control & Automation Solutions

Actis Technologies helps individuals and businesses build better AV-enabled experience and leisure spaces for a variety of applications. We apply over two decades of design and build experience to help ensure your team achieve your strategic business objectives.

What we offer clients?

Need to know more about Energy Conservation AV Solutions? Our specialists can help with design, integration or support services.

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