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Systems Design and Planning


Wide range of support services

Design, both functional and aesthetic, is the essential ingredient for an effective and easy to use AV-enabled workspace. It helps define the functional requirements of your facility and in planning the key elements that are to be addressed during the project.

Our design and engineering teams provide all the elements required for the successful implementation of the project — including roadmaps, layouts, electrical detailing and CAD diagrams, BoQs and guidelines for project implementation.


Detailed design and BoQ

Our team focuses on incorporating design principles which aid flexibility, standardisation and reliability. We validate system concepts with users and prepare a description of System Design and Bill of Materials for the project that helps technical and purchase teams plan procurement and estimate costs comprehensively. We can also provide detailed layout plans, BoQs, CAD diagrams and electrical detailing along with necessary guidelines.


Infrastructure roadmap development

We help organisations develop strategic roadmaps for their collaboration and workplace technology and infrastructure. This ensures they can continue to remain productive over the longer term, delivering greater lifetime value and ROI.


Planning AV, Network and software integrations

Teamwork is another important aspect of well-designed workplaces, so it’s important that all the elements of your infrastructure play well together. We manage the integrations between discrete AV equipment, networks and productivity software to ensure workflows are seamless.

We’ve built AV, Collaboration and Lighting
infrastructure for leading global organisations

Certified Provider of World-class Service and Support

Actis Technologies helps organisations create smarter infrastructure for improved collaboration, human-centric lighting and simpler management of enterprise AV assets.

Our CTS qualified AV specialists bring you world-class assistance for design, integration and support anywhere.

Need to know more about how our team can provide support for your organisation’s collaboration, AV or energy management infrastructure?


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