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Tag: Lutron

Energy conservation through shades

While designing a smart home or smart business, we should always keep energy conservation in mind. Generally, we look at electronic devices and entertainment systems and ignore lighting and climate control systems. Shades, however, play a major role in saving energy. By setting the shade controls to adjust the light permitted for time of day,…

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What makes my home Smarter – Part 1?

Control and automation technology in homes isn't really a new phenomenon, but we are seeing a whole lot of new innovations and innovators in this space. Some of the technologies and products seem simple and yet elegant (like Nest) with instant benefits, while there are others (like Tesla's recent PowerPack announcement) that seem positively revolutionary. But…

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What’s the ROI on HVAC automation?

For most organisation which are in the process of considering investments in energy management and automation technology, the issue of ROI tends to be top of mind. A¬†key reason for this is that most businesses and CXOs face challenges in quantifying the extent of energy waste that is occurring across their organisbvbation. CRN has an interesting…

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