Smarter guest room system connects into Building Management Systems

Hotels are typically large consumers of electricity, and have just a limited ability to control the usage by guests and staff in with conventional systems. As a result their adoption of various energy management technologies in guest rooms is now commonplace – because the accumulated savings they can achieve across a property are considerable.

But what if a smarter guestroom system could connect with the building management system (BMS) and enable even greater energy efficiency not just in rooms, but across the hotel?

The Lutron myRoom Plus is a family of guestroom management system for light, temperature, and shade control that integrates with property and building management systems (BMS). Each room system can be tailored to specific performance and offers the hospitality industry with beautiful, energy-efficient, affordable control options to differentiate themselves and delight guests.

Integrating lights, temerature and shades in a typical guest room


Key features of the system are: 

Occupied/Unoccupied and sold/unsold energy saving statuses

Welcome scene options allow door-lock integrated programmable welcome scenes

Privacy and corridor controls and connectivity with third-party corridor plates

PMS integration for guest check-in and privacy/service information

BMS BACnet/IP integration for lights, shades and temperature control

(Content and video credit:

AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India