Light management is very popular as a tool to create beautiful and functional lighting environments, increase productivity, improve occupant comfort and also to save considerable amounts of money and energy. While powerful light control systems have been present in homes and work spaces for ages, recent innovations with control software have made this even more accessible.

A new facility management software tool from Lutron, called Quantum Vue which enables you to administer your building from anywhere. Not only can you easily monitor, control and boost a Lutron control system from any tablet, PC or smartphone; but more powerful capabilities like re-programming scenes can be accessed too.

Quantum Vue helps building owners and facility managers manage lighting throughout a facility by monitoring and reporting all of the lighting energy used in a space. This provides increasingly important benefits for optimizing lighting energy performance while reducing maintenance and operating costs.

Features of the Quantum Vue software include: 

A Simple, intuitive software interface

You can manage, monitor and report on all the energy usage in a building

Allows re-programming of lighting scenes and shade presets from a mobile device, smartphone and computer

Ties all building lighting and shade controls together under one system interface

You can tune area light levels by trimming the high-end output to save even more energy

View energy and power usage graphs and run custom reports to compare energy consumption across areas and time periods

Some application scenarios

This software gives specifiers, facility managers and property managers a complete solution for creating the perfect lighting environment in commercial office buildings, hospitals, universities, hotels, convention centers, museums and more.

Quantum Overview

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