Best Types of Office Meeting Room Layouts

In today’s fast-paced business world, effective collaboration and seamless communication are vital for organisations to thrive. A crucial aspect of facilitating successful meetings lies in the design and layout of office meeting rooms. Traditionally, most offices have adopted a generic layout for their meeting spaces. However, in recent times, alternative layouts have emerged, enhancing collaboration...
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Types of Meeting Room Tables – Which Best Suited to Your Meeting Needs?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, meetings have become essential for effective communication, collaboration, and decision-making. A crucial factor that can significantly impact the success of a meeting is the choice of the conference table. The right type of conference table can foster engagement, enhance productivity, and create a comfortable environment for participants. In this blog,...
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What do AVIXA CTS Certifications Mean for Businesses and AV Project Success?

When it comes to large AV and lighting deployments, the stakes are high. Getting the infrastructure right in the design, implementation and user adoption stages is important to achieving organisational ROI. While experience plays an important role in the quality of outcomes for businesses adopting AV, collaboration and lighting management technologies, credentials matter too in...
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AV Standardisation

AV Standardisation for Enhanced Collaboration

As your organisation’s reliance on collaboration infrastructure increases, the number of rooms that are needed to meet team requirements can quickly increase. Many large Indian enterprises have new deployments which involve the creation of more than a hundred rooms, with 200+ room projects becoming increasingly common. Creating and managing this kind of scale brings a...
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VC Solution for Town Hall Applications

Choosing the Best VC Solution for Town Hall Applications

Town Halls (or all-hands meetings), play a key role in engaging employees, discussing important topics, ensuring organisational alignment and encouraging two-way conversations between the management and employees. They also offer a platform for everyone to forge bonds, close communication gaps between management and the workforce and celebrate key milestones. However, running effective Town Hall events...
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New Video Conferencing Solutions for Your Meeting Rooms to Look Out for in 2021

Whether it is a small huddle room, a medium conference room or a large all-hands room, optimizing your meeting rooms with efficient and secure video conferencing solutions is hugely beneficial. By understanding and integrating the best-fit VC technology in the age of hybrid, remote and flexible work environments, organisations can empower their employees (both remote...
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Meeting Room Acoustics

How Good Acoustics Can Enhance the Meeting Room Experience

Acoustics can make a lot of difference — whether at home, movie theatres, educational institutions or spaces like a meeting or conference room. Acoustics are essentially the total effect of sound in a room.  The acoustics in a meeting room can make or break a conference call, in-person meeting or video. Clearly, with little to...
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Improving Usability and Reliability with Tighter Device Integrations for Soft VC Rooms – Featuring Zoom and MS Teams

As organisations look to optimise their collaboration infrastructure, they seek a combination of features, flexibility and affordability that fits their business realities. Hybrid work models are becoming the “new normal” With businesses now working from both office and home, digital team collaboration is here to stay. In today’s digitised environment, fitting meetings into daily workflows,...
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quick guide on creating your smart home

5 Pro Tips on Creating Your Smart Home – Are You Ready to Enter the World of Home Automation?

Feeling the pull to create a functionally sophisticated smart home with the right apps, devices and platforms? On an everyday basis, several scenarios will make you want to turn your house into a smart home, and wave goodbye to a volley of worries. Why a smart home makes life so much easier and convenient? Here’s...
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Laser Projectors vs Lamp Projectors

Lamp vs Laser Projectors, What’s the Difference? Let’s Find Out

Projectors have been the popular way to project large images for decades, and lamps have usually been at the heart of multimedia or data projectors as a light source. Even as projector lamp technologies have evolved, they have still been an essential element in the ability to project their images on the screen.  But this...
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