FAQs: What the HDMI 2.0a spec means for you

Have you always wanted your state-of-the-art television to display images that stun you with their lifelike colours? Have you always thought that you should be able to display High Dynamic Range (HDR) content on your television? You can do all of this and more with the new HDMI 2.0a spec, which provides an enhanced picture...
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FAQs: Choosing the right Dimmer for your many lighting needs

Today, most businesses and individuals use dimmers, so that they can dim the lights that they have installed in their homes or offices. This results in convenient lighting, as well as energy conservation. However, it is important that you choose the right dimmer depending on the lights that you have installed. A wide variety of...
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FAQ: How to set up a perfectly aligned, wall-mounted video wall

Setting up a video wall properly requires considerable experience and precision. Getting it wrong can lead to misaligned panels or visible gaps in the image, which lead to a considerable drop in impact compared to a well-fitted and seamless set of displays. In this video, Chief’s team shows how a video wall can be wall...
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FAQ: How can one install recessed video walls?

This excellent and detailed resource provides details about the challenges (and solutions) for installing recessed video walls. Its a comprehensive guide that addresses most of the questions that you might come up with very clearly and vividly (see image below).   For assistance with you video wall installation and design, contact Actis at 022-30808000 or...
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What are Optical Screens

FAQs: What are Optical Screens and how are they best used?

Projecting in brighter environments is becoming increasingly necessary and possible with newer technology available today. But even the brightest of projector need help from the screens to project their images with high quality and contrast. Optical screens provide a solution for situations when you need to present in high ambient light, but how they work...
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Polycom video conferencing cameras

FAQ: How does camera auto-tracking work in video conferencing?

One of the interesting innovations in video conferencing over the last few years, has been technology that lets the camera follow speakers automatically during a conversation. In this video from Polycom, you can hear about the different aspects of auto-tracking cameras and how they help make video conferencing more intuitive and natural. In this spotlight...
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What is EDID in the context of video displays

FAQ: What is EDID in the context of video displays?

EDID is a protocol that enables digital video display technologies like HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort. According to Wikipedia… “Extended display identification data (EDID) is a data structure provided by a digital display to describe its capabilities to a video source (e.g. graphics card or set-top box). It is what enables a modern personal computer to...
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How to get microphone placement right

How to get your microphone placement right

On several occasions in the past, we’ve talked about the problems caused by poor audio design and more specifically the placement of microphones in meeting rooms. That’s because its one of the most common mistakes we see made in meeting room designs, and also probably one of the most common sources for dissatisfaction amongst users...
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Infocomm av and collaboration

Infocomm: Urgent AV and Collaboration advice almost everyone ignores (Part 2)

Continuing with Part 2 of this extremely useful series (see Part 1), Infocomm adds to its list of the most common errors made during the design and implementation of AV and video collaboration projects. These tutorials are a must-read resource for anyone designing a VC room. New discussion points in this article are: Know what...
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Troubleshooting common audio clarity problems

FAQ: Troubleshooting common audio clarity problems

Audio quality related problems often occur in newly integrated rooms, due to poor audio design or problems in identifying the source of the problems when the room is commissioned. In this article we identify some of the most common problems that our clients face, and recommend ways to address them. PROBLEM 1: Audio hum or...
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