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Guidelines for building effective Hybrid Classrooms and Learning Spaces

How can organisations and educational institutions adapt their learning spaces to accommodate hybrid interactions and do justice to all participants? For most growth-oriented organisations, employee training, skill development and educational programs are important ways to enhance their team’s capabilities. Among other things, these play an important role in increasing employee productivity, satisfaction and retention. While...
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Enterprise video conferencing made simpler with Zoom Rooms

Understanding how the popular Zoom video conferencing platform has evolved into a great fit for almost any type of enterprise meeting and collaboration space As businesses grow, they need to find ways to extend their reach or help their teams become more productive and efficient. Video conferencing is now widely accepted as one of the...
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av trends 2023

Upcoming AV, Collaboration and Smart Infrastructure Trends for 2023

Much has changed in how we work as we enter the post-pandemic era. We discuss trends that will determine the future of AV and collaboration at work in the near future. With the passing of 2022, it seems that the whole world is finally moving ahead — not just reacting to challenges, but finally planning...
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Hybrid Town Halls

Creating better engagement for all participants in Hybrid Town Halls

How can organisations get everyone on the same page in the hybrid work era? Improving the experience in Town Hall meetings for all participants may be the key As organisations make the move back to offices after the pandemic, business leaders are putting a lot of thought into how the work environment will need to...
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Cloud Video Conferencing has taken over the Enterprise

Cloud video conferencing has been gathering momentum for several years, but it’s now become the clear platform of choice for enterprise VC rooms too It’s hard to imagine, but a decade or so ago the cloud was seen as a technology which enterprises were uncertain about adopting. For large organisations, many of whom had their...
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Unlocking Hybrid Work with Microsoft Teams Rooms

Over the last two years Microsoft Teams has grown in leaps and bounds, both in its capabilities and its popularity with larger organisations. We explore how it can help meet the challenges of hybrid work in the enterprise In recent times we’ve all been witness to an incredible amount of change in how people and...
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Video in the Enterprise: Leveraging the power of in-house video production and broadcast

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video’s probably worth a million. We explore how enterprises can benefit from building in-house, high-quality video and broadcast capabilities Video has been playing an important role in enterprise communication and collaboration for over a decade now. The first inroads of video as a tool for...
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A Quick Guide to the Basics of All-in-One Video Collaboration Devices

There has been an unprecedented rise in the demand for increased connectivity in workplaces over the last few years. Consequently, all-encompassing work tools like video conferencing and unified communications are becoming essential tools, to cater to the needs of better connectivity in educational institutes, schools and workspaces for both in-office and remote meeting participants. When...
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White Paper: AV integrators tackle technological change

Technology is changing really rapidly in the AV industry and it is becoming increasingly difficult for AV integrators to keep up. In fact change is so rapid and relentless that the current formats are already being overshadowed by newer ones, even though neither is widespread yet. For example, integrators are already talking about the imminence...
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All about interactive video conferencing solutions

It is well known that video conferencing saves all participants both time and money. The need for travel has reduced significantly with the various video conferencing solutions available in the market. While point-to-point as well as multi-point calls are quite common, data sharing between participants is also possible using the right video conferencing solution. However,...
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