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A screen for clear viewing even in bright light

Ambient light has always been a problem when it comes to choosing the right projection screen. This includes rooms that have already been designed with bright lights, or then several windows.

Da-Lite has solved this problem by creating a screen called Parallax with an ambient-light rejecting technology. This provides glare-free and clear viewing even in rooms with very bright light. This screen contains microlayers that boost contrast and block and absorb light, a glare and speckle-free screen, and an easy-to-assemble 3” frame.

How and why you get clear viewing

Parallax gives you a brightly lit display in a brightly lit room. There is one very special layer like a microscopic saw-tooth that blocks light from above, as well as other layers that block light from the sides. There are two surfaces available, one for standard-throw projection, and the other for ultra-short-throw projection.

Parallax with an ambient-light rejecting technology
The Parallax Screen

This screen is also different from other technologies in that it has a very wide viewing angle of 85° so you never lose a lot of the image. While this new technology mimics the look of a television when it is on and off, it is much less expensive and does not reflect the glare from the windows or lighting fixtures. There is also very little colour shift with the screen especially in large rooms.

This surface is ideal for applications in Pro AV. Also, the surface is flexible, ships in a roll and is easy to install. Each layer of Parallax plays a role in preserving the image that is reflected back to the viewer in high ambient light environments. There are two variants available – Parallax 0.8 and Parallax UST 0.45.

So, now you have a very real and cost-effective alternative to your large-screen TV in your largest room. You can install the screen of your choice and enjoy bright, clear images, even in the midst of very bright light. Here’s to an enjoyable and entertaining viewing experience!

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