You may want to deliver highly interactive multimedia experiences to your customers and employees, regardless of your business size or vertical industry. You may want to share content for promotional, educational, and entertainment purposes. You may want a product that lets you store and deliver your content locally or across many dispersed locations.

The product that lets you do all of this and more is the Cisco Edge 340 Digital Media Player (DMP). This is a unified content storage, delivery, and media platform. You can store and deliver your content from the cloud to digital signs, kiosks, way-finders, IPTV apps, and other connected devices. Ultimately, the Cisco Edge 340 DMP helps your organization communicate, connect, learn, and engage customers and employees in new ways.

This DMP is a highly reliable, robust platform, that is extremely power-efficient when compared with PC-based alternatives. It comes in both wireless and non-wireless versions. The wireless version supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This product supports both HDMI and VGA, and is a highly- secure DMP.

Cisco Edge 340 Digital Media Player
Cisco Edge 340 Digital Media Player

Some of the features and benefits are:

High-performance video and graphics capability with hardware acceleration
Interactive experience with touch and multi-touch support, USB, IR, and remote controller options
Flexible wireless deployment option with 802.11a/b/g/n support
Integration with the Appspace 5.0 content management system (CMS), which serves as a content delivery and device management platform. Appspace 5.0 supports a next-generation media stack and cross-platform media player client and is optimized for HTML 5−based apps and content
Unified content and device management with management application programming interface (API) for use with third-party CMS solutions.
Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) thanks to a compact appliance design that is fan-less, which reduces power consumption, and a long-lifecycle embedded chipset

So, now you know more about the Cisco Edge 340 DMP. Use it at home or at the office for an enthralling multimedia experience. Here’s to happy viewing!

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