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A Bit About Actis

Actis has been a pioneer and leader of India’s Audio Visual industry for over 50 years. As an award-winning technology service provider, we’ve stayed young by continuing to innovate and evolve.

We enhance environment by creating smarter and more human-centric infrastructure. This involves using a blend of varied technologies to improve collaboration, audio visual experiences and lighting management – in offices, residences, retail and other commercial environments.

Our Core Values

Ownership and Delivering results

Ownership is leadership. Taking true ownership for outcomes is key to how our team members, leaders and organisation can grow and thrive

Integrity, respect and fairness at all times

Even as we pursue business growth, we must bring respect and fairness to all our interactions. Creating an environment of trust, credibility and respect helps each of us give our best

Giving back

Our growth is interlinked with the well-being of our society and environment. Therefore we continuously seek ways to give back to the communities that we are a part of

Working and growing together

Great teams achieve great goals, together. We see sharing, empowerment and accountability as some of the key ingredients of great teamwork

Be customer fixated

We believe in being proactive in engaging, understanding and problem solving with our customers and partners. This helps build trust, which is a prerequisite to our collective success.

Embrace diversity, be inclusive

Remaining open to diverse people, opinions, insights and experiences is critical when seeking solutions. Which is why diversity and an inclusive approach are essential at most times.

Why choose Actis?

At Actis Technolgies, we’re constantly re-imagining how teams can work better together, beginning with our own team. We’re seeking talented individuals with the integrity and ambition to build the future. We believe that people will always be the key to our growth and success, and we offer opportunities for you to grow along with us. If you’re looking to build a career at the frontiers of technology and believe that you share the values we cherish, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Benefits

Work Culture at Actis

Actis Offsite

Job Openings

Ready to make a difference in your Career? From growth and onwards towards leadership, take your Career to a new level. Browse the Current Job Openings available at Actis.