You may have already invested in several analog telephone devices for your home or enterprise. However, you now realise that you want to take advantage of the many and exciting IP telephone applications. You want to do this seamlessly, without trashing your existing and traditional telephone network. If so, you are not alone.

Many homes and businesses are turning to the Cisco ATA 187 Analog Telephone Adaptor to convert their traditional telephone network into an IP-enabled network. This product is a handset-to-Ethernet adaptor that turns traditional telephone devices into IP devices.

This product is also a standards-based communication device that delivers true, next-gen voice-over-IP (VoIP) terminations to businesses and homes worldwide. The two main reasons that this adaptor is preferred by both home and enterprise owners, is that it protects existing telephone investment and is also extremely cost-effective.

turn your traditional telephone into an IP device - Cisco-ATA2
System Setup

Both enterprise customers and service providers are taking advantage of emerging telephony applications by using the Cisco ATA 187. Enterprise owners are connecting analog phones and fax machines to their VoIP network, whereas service providers are deploying second-line services using this product.

Some of the features and benefits are:

Clear, natural-sounding voice quality
Provides Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) standard configuration and provisioning options
Ease of administration
Allows interoperation with the Cisco UCM SIP solution
Secure media and secure signaling support, for secure solutions
Standard fax capability to send faxes over the IP network
Fits in most environments

So, now you know more about how to turn your analog telephone network into a high-performing IP network. Do use this product to enable seamless audio calls throughout your enterprise and enjoy the latest telephone technology without it setting you back by some.

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