Think more about content quality before setting up a digital signage system

Digital signage systems are potentially an incredible tool for effectively communicating with audiences in various types of environments. However, quite often we see that a lot of attention is given to hardware, and not enough to the formats and the quality of content to be delivered via the digital signage network.

This article from Infocomm International (titled “Digital Signage Best Practices: Matching Content to Solution”) suggests that we should “start the conversation around content because (typically) most people are thinking about hardware and technology, not the content.”

Some of the key points mentioned in the article are:

Aspect ratio is an important consideration when identifying or creating content – with 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 ratios affecting how it will look on the signage. Matching content to orientation — landscape or portrait — is also very important.

In situations where content is being streamed over the internet it becomes important to keep file sizes small and therefore content may need to be recreated at lower resolutions.

If you don’t have any 4K resolution content, you may want to think twice about whether investing in a 4k display at this point. Matching the content to the native resolution of the display is usually the best way to go.

Pace the content so viewers have time to read the message but don’t get bored and stop watching it. Finding balance is difficult, but is a key to success.

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