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Set wireless lighting in your home or office with complete control

There is a technology that will allow you to set wireless lighting in your home or office with complete control wherever you are and wherever you’re going. You can have an extremely flexible lighting system with enhanced energy savings, both at the same time.

This technology is the Maestro wireless technology from Lutron. It comes with the Pico Wireless control and the Radio Powr Savr. These are sensors that provide extreme flexibility to the system. You can easily install and operate this system and can control lighting levels with any combination of up to 10 dimmers, switches, sensors, and wireless controls. And you can do all of this at the touch of a button.

How this technology works:

The Maestro wireless technology comes with dimmers and switches. Dimmers save energy and extend bulb life. However, because it is easy to leave a room and forget to turn off the lights, Maestro wireless dimmers come with Radio Powr Savr occupancy/vacancy sensors and daylight sensors. These sensors will turn off the lights in your home or office after you leave.

Also, you never have to enter a dark home or office, thereby enhancing personal safety and security. Maestro wireless technology has a delayed fade-off option, so you can safely leave a room before the lights turn off completely, when you use the Pico wireless control, which results in greater convenience and energy savings.

You can customize this technology to suit your specific needs. This technology is extremely functional, flexible and easy to install. The Pico remote control communicates wirelessly with up to 10 Maestro dimmers, lamp dimmers and switches and results in great coverage and control.

The Maestro wireless technology

You can also pre-program your favourite light levels. This technology will even recall your settings after a power failure. Maestro wireless dimmers glow in the dark using LEDs so that you can easily locate them in darkened rooms.

You can use this technology in your home theatre system, in conference rooms, in front-entry control, and in hotel suites. You can pick the perfect light level for viewing by making use of ambient light to complement the picture on the screen. Also, you can use dimming to reduce glare on your flat screen TV.

You can set the lighting level in your conference room using the Maestro Wireless system’s flexibility and pre-programming features. You can use the Pico Wireless control to light the way from your car to your front entrance and through your home. This control has a convenient car visor clip and can fit into your pocket. You can also install the Maestro Wireless system in hotel rooms so that guests can easily control their lighting using an easy, retrofit installation.

So, now you know more about this wireless technology that can help you not only choose the light level of your choice, but can substantially reduce your lighting bills. Here’s to a convenient, cutting-edge, and cost-effective lighting solution!

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