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Re-imagining the workspace of the future – Part 1

In internal team discussions at Actis, we often marvel at how we feel 2015 represents the cusp of a massive transformation of how business is conducted. While the primary driver of this change is the real-time global business environment, this is closely followed by the fact that many collaboration-assisting technologies are now either achieving maturity, or experiencing rapid innovation.

But how will this impact our workplace in the near future?

Cisco describes its vision for the Workplace of the Future in a series of posts (first part here), and explains the factors driving organisations to seek improvements in the current “obsolete” edition of the workplace.

Some interesting observations… 

“Where we work is becoming more mobile, more flexible, and more collaborative than ever. This has made the traditional cubicle-based workplace – with its overbooked meeting rooms and rows of assigned cubicles sitting empty—obsolete.”

“An activity-based workplace unshackles your employees from their desks and gives them a variety of work spaces to use based on the activities they need perform at a given time.”

Multi-purpose Rooms

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