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In today’s fast-paced world, it’s difficult to meet up with collaborators personally, and video conferencing has become accepted as a powerful tool to make up for this. The ultra-competitive global workplace requires teams to be able to make decisions across distances and without barriers.

But to enable this, organizations need to create productive work environments that enable digital work habits and collaboration which results in innovation, engagement and higher productivity. Unfortunately, most conference rooms are ill-equipped to meet these challenges. According to Forrester Research over 90% of meeting rooms lack even basic video collaboration capabilities. They are set up with the traditional office environments and shared workspaces which results in poor quality of interactions while making critical business decisions.

Polycom’s RealPresence Group Series is a platform that delivers video collaboration experiences to bring users closer together geographically and improve their efficiency and productivity. It creates experiences that allow video, audio and content collaboration, which creates momentum in decision making, realistic video experiences with an extraordinarily simple interface.

Video Experiences:

Facial-tracking instantly which recognizes everyone in the room and frame them all properly for greater impact.

The camera automatically zooms in to the person who is speaking and conveys facial expressions and body language for higher impact and more productive video collaboration.

An easy and intuitive interface enables people to use the system without specialized training.

SmartPairing technology makes it simple to use and can automatically connect to your mobile device or laptop.

Audio Experiences :

Ultimate voice clarity.

Noise cancellation technology keeps annoying sounds away.

Data traffic management incorporates lost packet recovery and protects the audio and video in challenging network environments.

For larger or more acoustically challenging rooms, the system allows highly sophisticated audio tuning and configuration.

Acoustic Fence captures sounds from inside the virtual fence while blocking those from outside.

Content Collaboration Experiences :

It allows even the most subtle details to be clearly seen, with video quality up to 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second.

Can share anything (documents drawings, video clips, cad animations) with everyone with the VisualBoard technology

You can easily send or receive content from a standard web browser.

Products in the family include:

Group 300 delivers high-quality video at a lower price for smaller meeting rooms, huddle rooms, and offices.

Group 500 delivers powerful video collaboration performance for conference rooms and other meeting environments.

Group 700 delivers extreme video collaboration performance and flexibility for board rooms, lecture halls.

Polycom RealPresence Group Series

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