Primer: Is VC a worthwhile investment for your business?

While the power and value of video conferencing have long been established for large (Fortune 500 type) businesses and multinationals, small and medium organizations (SMEs) need to take more care to evaluate how they can leverage the real benefits of VC and achieve value from their investments.

In this guide (Titled: “Ten things to consider before you invest in video conferencing”), Lifesize provides a sense of the most important things to consider before investing in video conferencing and outlines an objective process for arriving at the best decision for your organization. It also provides some very practical advice on how implementation can be undertaken in a phased manner to fit budgets while ensuring that the infrastructure grows in sync with organizational needs.

Some extremely relevant insights from this guide: 

“The goal of any business should be to speed up, to transact, to relate and ultimately to sell ideas faster and more efficiently. Video conferencing is simply the next logical extension of a constant speeding up of business.”

“Consider today’s workflow and how video can expedite decision making, help you to communicate with more people, maintain employee engagement, facilitate training with disparate teams and more.”

“Maybe you can’t outfit the whole organization with video conferencing on every device, so think about what matters most and start there.”

“Consider how video technology will affect their processes, business continuity issues and the effect of running video traffic on the network.”

“Installing video conferencing into a business and expecting the organization to adopt it and change its behavior overnight is simply not realistic.”

To read the entire guide, download it from this link

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AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India