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Video: How video conferencing can transform business workflows

The primary role of Video collaboration and video conferencing is to provide businesses with an effective way to improve the speed and efficiency in business processes, and hence bring improvements in productivity. While this is certainly important to CIOs and CXOs undertaking video implementation, it’s often set aside once the process of selecting technology and implementation begins.

Our experience with over a thousand room and networked AV design projects shows us that a tighter focus on how business processes or workflows can benefit yields much better results. CIOs need to look closely at their existing workflows and visualise where video collaboration will play a role in shortening or expediting them. This also plays a very important role in aiding adoption by teams, since they are able to quickly experience how video makes their work simpler on a daily basis.

This video from Lifesize discusses several issues that CXOs must examine BEFORE they proceed with implementing video conferencing, because they can have a tremendous impact on the design and the costs.

Focus on your workflows and how they will change

While the primary goal of video conferencing is to expedite the process of decision making it also means that processes will need to adapt to the new tools. This relates not just to wider communication with stakeholders, but also to specific activities like employee engagement, training within functional team structures and interactions with clients.

Important questions to consider

CXOs must ask themselves several critical questions before they embark on the process of preparing RFPs for their video conferencing requirements.

Some of these are identified by Lifesize as follows:

Which specific business processes can be improved with video communication?

Who outside your organization could take advantage of this technology (think customers, partners, and suppliers)

Do you have remote or mobile users who need to communicate with others in meeting rooms?

How might your organization benefit from the recording and streaming of meetings?

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