Leyard and Planar, global leaders in visualization, display, and digital signage technology launched the TWA series – a family of high-quality, low power consuming flat panel LED video wall displays at InfoComm 2016. This TWA series joins the company’s extensive range of video walls and display solutions.

The Leyard TWA series delivers truly seamless images that can be configured to nearly any size with pixel density, form-factor, and quality similar to LCD and rear projection video walls. The LED video wall series is designed to be a drop-in replacement to legacy LCD and rear projection variants without creating any compatibility issues with existing equipment.

At the heart of TWA series’ design ideology is the focus on reducing power consumption and improving operational reliability. Let’s have a look at the key benefits and features this exciting range of fine-pitch LED video walls has to offer.

Features at Glance: Leyard TWA Series

Unique Design: The series offers a unique flat panel LED video wall display offering in a slim 54-inch cabinet. Thanks to this, the output can match pixel density levels of LCD’s and rear projection video walls. The TWA series offers a truly seamless display solution configurable to any size as required. This empowers system designers to create solutions tailored to the requirement freely.

Form Factor: The Leyard TWA Series is designed with a commonly used 16:9 aspect ratio compatible with most displays. This makes video wall processing and content development easy, right out-of-the-box.

Energy-Efficient: With a focus on energy-efficiency, the Leyard TWA series consumes 35 percent less power (on average) than conventional LED video wall displays. This series consumes even less power than the most power-efficient LED video wall displays available today. As video walls are in operation full time or for long durations, the power-saving capabilities of the TWA series offer significant cost-saving and return-on-investment to the end-user. With the exception of Leyard, very few video wall manufacturers have considered an energy-efficient approach to an otherwise power-hungry product.

Unmatched Image Quality: The premium quality black LEDs, black solder mask, and other proprietary technologies incorporated in the Leyard TWA series ensure crisp, detailed and high contrast image reproduction. Other enhancements include wider viewing with excellent off-axis uniformity and advanced calibration for fuller colors, brightness, and uniformity with no visible seams, even with the largest video wall size.

Reliability: With a focus on operational reliability, the TWA series is designed for 24×7 operation, longevity, and ease-of-service. Provisions for redundant power supply and multiple video source options ensure uninterrupted operation even in emergency situations. These safety features incorporated in the TWA series add to the reliability especially in regions of the world with irregular and erratic power supply conditions. Individual displays allow for quick on-site service to minimize operational downtime.

The Leyard TWA series flat panel LED video wall is all set to empower the AV industry with a reliable, easy-to-install, and energy-efficient display and signage solution.

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(Content and image courtesy: www.planar.com)

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