High brightness projectors can light up your large venue projections

Selecting the right projector is something that most people with a meeting or home cinema room will need to do from time to time. The decision itself is important, because the quality of the display determines the clarity with which content can be shared and viewed.

The decision is made reasonably simple for the average room, because most “business” projectors today produce the 2000-2500 lumen brightness necessary for good image clarity. However when it comes to larger spaces – banquet halls, town hall spaces, auditoriums and leisure rooms – a brighter projector becomes necessary.

Epson’s EB-G6000 series of business projectors deliver brilliant image quality, flexible projection options and performance reliability for the ultimate business presentation, even at large venues. They let you project bright, yet vividly colourful, life-like images, even in 3D. Of equal importance are the many connectivity options it offers, which allow you to connect many external devices. You can project multiple images from multiple sources onto one large screen for dynamic, interactive presentations designed to liven any lecture room, boardroom or auditorium.

While these projectors offer a wide array of powerful features, their key benefit is the astonishing brightness of the images produced by the single 380W (up to 7,000 lumens). This allows them to deliver dazzling high-definition images even in large auditoriums, lecture halls and conference rooms. Most importantly this brightness comes without compromise on colour intensity thanks to Epson’s special optical engine system and amazing colour management capability.

Some key features that these projectors offer are:

Projection on Wide Curved and Corner Surfaces: Fit your projection images nicely even on non-flat surfaces like wide curved surfaces and corner walls (on EB-G6800 and EB-G6900WU)

Wide Lens Shift: Enjoy the ease and versatility of projector and screen placement with Epson’s extended maximum vertical lens shift of 67% and maximum horizontal lens shift of 30%

360° Projection: You can project images from any angle, so there’s no limitation, whatever the space restrictions

Connectivity options: These projectors are compatible with a wide range of external devices, and additional ports now include Displayport, HDBaseT and HDSDI (check models for details)

Use multiple projectors together: Multiple projectors can be placed side by side and aligned to display images from multiple sources on the same screen or stacked to create a 3D effect.

3LCD system

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(Image Credit: www.epson.co.in)

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