Video Cameras have changed the face of video recording forever. With brilliant picture quality ranging from Standard Definition (SD) images to Full High Definition (HD) images, and their collaborative ease of operation, such cameras are becoming increasingly popular.

Sony‘s new PTZ camera, the BRCH900 produces abundant sensitivity (F10) and provides a horizontal resolution that is more than 1,000 TV lines in HD-SDI output. This color PTZ camera is also easily integrated into a vast variety of indoor and outdoor systems. By integrating its 14x optical zoom lens, the BRC-H900 enables users to zoom in on small and distant objects with accuracy. The images, which are captured, are of superb quality in full HD Resolution with minimum illumination. It is a full robotic camera that captures not only fast-moving objects but also slow-moving objects without rocking vibration. With an ability to simultaneously deliver superb HD images (1080i or 720p) and SD analog images, its dual-output capability allows the camera to be integrated into both an HD and SD system. This makes it valuable for those who want to upgrade to complete HD.

Multiple mounting choices are also available. The camera can be mounted on a ceiling, or placed on a flat surface. Also, with the use of a tripod, these cameras are suitable for mobile applications, such as live events. It excels in capturing the high-picture quality necessary when recording educational events, concert halls, broadcasting, and corporate applications. It also features two tally lamps, one on the front and one on the rear to offer wide visibility.

Some of the features are as follows: 

Superb Picture Quality

Flexible Installation

Advanced Color Adjustment

 Optical Zoom

1080i, 720p, and SD Output

1/2 inch Exmor 1920×1080 3CMOS P/T/Z Camera

Image stabilization function that reduces vibration

OSD (On-Screen Display)

Meets demanding live production requirements

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