If you have multiple meeting spaces and conference rooms with different meetings going on at the same time, you can easily view details about all the meeting room spaces through an intuitive wall-mounted touch screen located outside each room. You can also schedule meetings through this screen.

This room scheduling and viewing touch screen is Crestron’s TSW-730. A swipe of the finger across the colour touch screen reveals the room’s entire schedule. Upcoming meetings and open time slots are clearly displayed on a scrolling calendar ribbon, and users can even reserve a room right on the spot from the touch screen.

Connected meeting room

This room scheduling touch screen ends the wasteful practice of searching fruitlessly for an available meeting room. It also eliminates confusion over which room is booked, by whom and for how long and also allows attendees to verify that they are in the right place before entering a room. This helps organisations maximise productivity and get the most usable time out of every room.

This screen comes with capacitive touch screen technology that is extremely touch-sensitive and helps you navigate the onscreen interface quickly and seamlessly.

The TSW-730 has a clean and modern appearance and fits well in any environment, including office buildings, conference centres, hotels, and universities. It also comes with a choice of mounting options, which means that you can install it in places where other touch screens cannot fit.

It can be installed on a wall over a standard 2-gang electrical box, placed on a table, or mounted on virtually any flat surface, be it glass, granite, or marble. You can clearly view it even down long corridors and it has different room status indicators. These indicators shine green when the room is available and red when it is in use.

This product offers single-wire connectivity and a simple Ethernet LAN connection. This is all that is required to wire the TSW-730, containing all control, video, intercom, and power signals within a single wire.

Some of the features are:

7″ widescreen active-matrix color display
Capacitive touch screen technology
Smart Graphics support
Crestron Fusion multi-language support with toggle function
Built-in proximity sensor
Room occupancy sensor option
High-performance H.264 streaming video

So, here is a product that not only works well with other Crestron products, such as Fusion RV, but also serves as an important tool to view and schedule meetings quickly. Book meetings with the touch of your finger and experience true convenience…

For more information on how to install and set up meeting scheduling options for your boardroom or conference rooms, contact Actis at 022-30808080 or at contact@actis.co.in.

(Content and images courtesy: www.crestron.com)

AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India