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Battery-powered shades simplify shading management

The importance of shades in the context of lighting management is considerable, and they are clearly an asset in the home, office, and even commercial spaces. It’s also clear that architects and interior designers have picked up on the importance of shades in controlling daylight when it’s too bright, or by using it to supplement internal lighting. The key reason for their popularity is their ability to bring tangible energy savings and increased comfort to residents of our buildings.

Lutron has a series of battery-powered, remote-controlled shades, which offer the beauty, luxury, and quality of a motorized shade, but are more convenient to install and operate. These shades can be installed pretty easily in our homes too – and don’t require a lot of wiring or experience to put in either.


The Serena range of shades includes honeycomb and roller remote-controlled models with  extremely efficient drive technology that allows for a 3-5 year battery life (which means that replacing batteries is a rarity). Since the shades can be operated via a remote (various types available), you can adjust them from anywhere in the room with considerable convenience and control.

Serena range of shades


Some key features of the Serena shades: 

Honeycomb and roller-type shades are available with a cable-guided option for french doors

Batteries last for 3-5 years and are convenient to change

Controlled with either a 4-group remote, a Pico remote, or from mobile devices with a Lutron app

Hassle-free shade operation is especially useful where windows are hard to reach

Very quiet in operation and have a cord-free design for safety

Available in a variety of colours, textures, and opacities

Lutron serena remote controlled shades

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