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Audio expansion processor

Extron founds a way to eliminate pulling multiple cables and its associated expenses like man power, conduits from microphones to digital signal processors in the equipment rack for larger Installations!!

Extron AXP 64 CAT routes signals from the meeting spaces such as board room/conference room to one or more DMP 128 AT digital matrix processors on the Dante network but also receives and processes signals back to the room from the network all using a simple Ethernet link.

The AXP 64 C AT is used to place six mic/line sources onto a Dante audio network and route any four Dante channels from the network to an amplifier or other destination and features Extron ProDSP with gain, filtering, and dynamics processing for all inputs and outputs.

Four of the inputs also include AEC, 48-volt phantom power and dedicated control ports for mic

FlexInputs offer the additional capability to process Dante channels in place of the first four local

The flexible input selection enables the AXP 64 C AT to process audio from remote wireless
microphones, wallplates, and other sources from anywhere on the Dante network.

The AXP 64 C AT includes four independent channels of AEC with advanced algorithms for fast
convergence and optimal intelligibility in conferencing applications.

In an installation with a large number of mics, the AXP 64 C AT audio expansion processor places
audio signals onto the Dante audio network using standard IP networking.

A system Integrator can incorporate several AXP 64 C AT or Extron AXP 50 C AT audio expansion
processors to create a large mixing matrix with up to 56 remote inputs and 24 outputs per DMP
128 AT using the built-in four-port Gigabit switch.

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