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Want to control everything with one device?

While there are impressive new technologies in the space of control, touchscreens, and smart devices etc, sometimes one misses a simple, reliable remote. We think that at least one remote is a good idea, not just as a redundant controller, but also to allow for easier accessibility across your home.

Most importantly, these remotes are able to manage a wide range of electrical appliances, lighting, shades, and even to adjust the temperature in your home. Some remotes also come with an inbuilt, touch screen for a more flexible and intuitive solution.

Crestron has a wireless controller, the TSR-302 Handheld Touch Screen Remote which delivers great performance, reliability and is easy to use for home theater and presentation. It features a 2.8-inch capacitive touch screen, and dual-mode wireless performance with roaming capability, which assures dependable connectivity throughout the home and workplace. With eye-catching interfaces once can easily control lights, shades, and audio visual with the tap of the finger.

The remote features a silky-matte finish, is weighted well, and has back-lit buttons that light up as soon as you pick up the remote.  The user-friendly layout with soft touch keys makes it simple to navigate. A built-in microphone/speaker allows use with RAVA SIP intercom communication systems, which can issue voice commands like “All Off” or “Movie Night” to initiate a custom Crestron programmed macro. The remote also has included Wi-Fi support to receive audio and video streaming from security cameras.



Some of the features are : 

Advanced handheld wireless remote

Rugged, easy-grip ergonomic design, fingerprint-resistant silk finish

Fully programmable functionality with back-lit, soft-feel tactile buttons

2.8” capacitive color touch screen display

Voice recognition capability and high-performance H.264 streaming video

Rava SIP intercom and customizable audio feedback

On-screen keyboard and mouse with customizable screensaver

Built-in microphone and speaker

Dual-mode RF wireless performance — Extended Range 2.4 GHz RF plus Wi-F

Instant-Waking behavior — like an IR remote with all the benefits of 2-way RF

Supports roaming for extended wireless coverage

Inductive charging technology with table dock charger

The Benefits are :

Excellent, robust build quality with immediate navigation that is optimized for entertainment
and home control. Slim, sleek and stylish.

Extended range 2.4 GHz RF and Wi-Fi ensures ultra-reliable performance from anywhere.

Basic charging which ensures no problems wiring up and no frustrating service calls.

No contact connections required. No matter how the remote is placed on the dock,
it will always charge.

For more information about Crestron handheld remote visit or contact our team at 022-30808000/

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