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Whitepaper: 10 Essentials for a Digital AV Solution

There’s a rapid change taking place in enterprise-grade and consumer audio visual technology—devices are moving away from analog connectivity and signal distribution standards (VGA and component video connectors) to high definition digital standards supporting HDMI and other connectivity standards.

As support for these devices is being phased out, it’s necessary for our AV networks to evolve, if they are to support the new technologies ahead – 4K and other technologies that are on the way.

In this whitepaper, Crestron discusses the 10 crucial questions you should ask when upgrading to a Digital AV platform.

Some important points from this whitepaper:

“When running a test on a jitter measurement chart, the gray hexagon in the middle is defined by the HDMI spec, and any signal in this region is a violation of the spec.”

A table showing jitter and HDMI mask test results

“Any digital audio/video solution must be fully compatible with other digital AV standards, including HDMI, HDCP, Ethernet, DVI, DisplayPort, Apple Thunderbolt, SDI and 3G-SDI as well as analog standards including VGA, component video, S-video and composite. This is important because you never know what kind of device a guest speaker may bring into your conference room or classroom.”

“It is important to make sure that your digital signal transport system can utilize a variety of wiring options, including copper wire for smaller, more economical rooms and fiber optics for larger systems.”

“An important consideration for any media transport system is scalability. Will the system you choose be appropriate for your organization’s smallest as well as its largest applications?”

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