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White Paper: AV integrators tackle technological change

Technology is changing really rapidly in the AV industry and it is becoming increasingly difficult for AV integrators to keep up. In fact change is so rapid and relentless that the current formats are already being overshadowed by newer ones, even though neither is widespread yet. For example, integrators are already talking about the imminence of 8K video, even as 4K continues to become popular.

A white paper by Infocomm talks about the rapid technological change in the AV industry and what it means for AV integrators. For example, on the audio side, immersiveness is the new buzzword, with integrators monitoring a range of formats, such as Dolby’s Atmos. There is always a new advancement around the corner and integration companies have to anticipate where this might fit into their long-term strategies.

Many integrators say that the shift to network-based distribution and management has been at the core of AV technology change in recent years. Understanding this trend should be part of a company’s strategy at all levels.

This means that companies should employ individuals who have a firm grasp of both AV and IT concepts. AV and IT have converged, which means that virtually no AV conversation can take place without a thorough understanding of the network on which it will live. This has resulted in a paradigm shift, with integrators beginning a conversation with their clients in the planning stages itself. This ensures that bandwidth allotment and many other topics can be considered in advance of deployment.

Integrators also see the advantages of blooming tech diversity. One of these is that it enriches the traditional AV environment by facilitating a deeper connection between users and the technology. Another trend is that AV and IT will be more closely integrated on new construction projects, rather than in upgrades to existing facilities. The ultimate convergence of these domains will offer clients unprecedented management advantages, as they can see it all as a single platform.

Another trend is that a wider range of integrators are approaching the high-end commercial AV space. This means that AV integrators need to stay on the cutting edge of new formats and platforms, even if if compels them to specialise in some areas more than others. Integrators need to reinforce to their clients what it is that commercial AV integrators can bring to a project.

So, this is just the beginning of a major technological shift when it comes to AV integration. AV integrators need to be aware of new technology and trends in the AV space and need to have an ongoing conversation with their clients regarding this. Only then will AV installation and integration achieve its full potential. Here’s to seamless AV integration!

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