For most organisation which are in the process of considering investments in energy management and automation technology, the issue of ROI tends to be top of mind. A key reason for this is that most businesses and CXOs face challenges in quantifying the extent of energy waste that is occurring across their organisbvbation.

CRN has an interesting article that provides some pointers into the extent of this waste — and claims that the ROI of these systems is very compelling. Given the escalating energy costs and the impact of HVAC consumption in places with extreme climates (like the Northern Part of India), it says that the savings can be considerable.

A few key takeaways…

“…(Usually) customers had only used their thermostats for basic temperature control. But with the dropping temperatures and rising heating costs, the savings associated with automated schedules became a priority”

“For many customers, the decision to buy an HVAC system is based on comfort and convenience first, and monetary considerations second. (both are important)”

“Studies by Honeywell and others have shown that basic programmable thermostats can save between 5 percent and 20 percent of a home’s energy costs. An automated thermostat tied into a home’s automation system can save up to 20 percent more, integrators estimate.”

“People don’t recognize how much they’re letting these lights burn. They can easily recognize 30 percent savings on their lighting bill,”

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