With today’s hectic work schedule, we do not get a lot of time to travel to meetings. This is the reason why we got introduced to video conferencing, and face-to-face meetings became possible. But, today, we are not tied to traditional video conferencing. We now have the power of a real-life meeting experience in every call we make from anywhere, and also by using any smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet.

LifeSize has introduced the UVC platform, which will redefine the way organisations buy, deploy, and manage video conferencing infrastructure. It is a software- based platform, which is simple, flexible, and can host multi-party video conference calls anywhere, at any time, and on any device. This platform is available in bundles that are of the right size for your business. If you are looking for greater flexibility, each app can also be deployed as virtual machine software on VMware or Hyper-V.

You can launch and manage multiple lifesize applications at a time through the following options:


UVC ClearSea


Lifesize UVC ClearSea: You can connect from your desktop or mobile device to H.323 or SIP devices, including video systems, MCUs, and gateways. It has a vast support for multi-party calls over mobile devices. Supports Instant chat, Online presence and integrates with existing Video Conference system. You can even share your content, such as documents, spreadsheets, schematics, pictures, and videos.


Products Infrastructure Multiparty Optimized for Mobile
UVC Multipoint

Lifesize UVC Multipoint: You can instantly connect with one or more sites and easily add remote and mobile participants while on a video call. Connecting a call is as easy as making a phone call and you can join on-demand meetings anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Callers from Lync 2010 & 2013 can be also be added.


UVC Manager

Lifesize UVC Manager: Web-based Interface for monitoring Video Conferencing network and you can automate everything from one intuitive console. It generates reports for statistics, insights, and accurate ROI tracking. It gives the IT staff complete control over everything from the interface to the allocation of capacity and ports.


UVC Video Center


Lifesize UVC Video Center: You can stream, record, share, and even review the recorded video calls at any time. It can broadcast meetings to any location in HD live or on-demand. You can even share the embedded videos on social media.


For more information regarding the Lifesize UVC platform, visit www.lifesize.com / get in touch with Actis at 022-30808080, or at contact@actis.co.in.

(Content and Images courtesy: www.lifesize.com)



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