Using touchpanels for an interactive and responsive experience

You may have used touchpanels to control the audiovisual applications in your boardroom, meeting room, classroom or auditorium. If so, you know how convenient it can be. The right touchpanel can ensure a highly interactive, convenient, and responsive experience.

Extron Electronics has introduced two 10″ TouchLink Pro Touchpanels. Both these touchpanels are highly interactive with a capacitive edge-to-edge glass touchscreen. The TLP Pro 1022M touchpanel is wall mounted and the TLP Pro 1022T is table mounted.

These touchpanels are customizable, with faster processing and more memory. They have a resolution of 1024×600 and boast a vibrant look and a more responsive control surface. A single Ethernet cable provides both power and communication to these touchpanels, using Power over Ethernet (PoE).

These touchpanels have flexible mounting options and though a little smaller than Extron’s other larger TouchLink Pro touchpanels, have the same sleek design. These touchpanels are ideal for control applications that require fully-customizable touchpanels.

Both these touchpanels use Extron GUI Designer software. The latter can help you design various interfaces for rooms and other presentation environments, using ready-to-use resource kits. You can design these environments by using the designs offered by this software, or then you can customize the design for a particular application by changing the individual graphic elements.

Both these touchpanels work with any Extron IP Link Pro control processor. They are designed for use in AV applications that require complete and interactive control of conferencing systems, displays, switchers, and source devices. These touchpanels use standard network infrastructure for their operation. They are very easy to install with reliable and cost-effective Ethernet cable.

Some of the features of these touchpanels are:

Enables quicker configuration uploads and more storage for GUI pages due to faster processing and more memory

Allows the touchpanel to receiver power and communication over a single Ethernet cable, using Power over Ethernet

Allows audible feedback from button presses, due to built-in speakers with improved audio performance

Adjusts screen brightness as the ambient room lighting changes, using a light sensor

Provides visual feedback if the touchpanel is not communicating with a control processor, using the system connection status indicator

So, now you know how convenient the right touchpanels can be. You can choose from a wide variety, and enjoy customized, interactive content at the press of a button. Here’s to superb interactivity and customization always!

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