Turn your touch screen display into a custom graphical environment

Have you always wanted to turn your touch screen display into an advanced controller? Have you always wanted to create a custom graphical environment? Have you wanted to do all of this with an unobtrusive, low-profile AV product?

If so, you need the DGE-100, which is a Digital Graphics Engine from Crestron. It converts virtually any HD touch screen display into an advanced Crestron controller. Using the DGE-100, you can create a completely custom graphical environment.

You can also combine advanced controls for audio, video, lighting, shades, HVAC, security and other functions. You can do all of this with a dual-window HD video display, annotation, audio feedback and Web browsing.

And what’s more, it has a low-profile, surface-mountable design that blends with its surroundings and can be installed discreetly behind a flat-panel display, under a table, or inside a lecturn.

The DGE-100 supports a high-definition video source to be connected and displayed on screen. This is done through a single HDMI input. It also supports H.264 streaming video over a high-speed Ethernet connection.

This product also features an HDMI output to the display device and also includes a USB port for touch, mouse and keyboard input. You can also control the display device and other equipment through additional control ports.

how to turn touch screen display into a graphical screen
A touch screen display

The DGE-100 can be used with third-party touch screens for various control, collaboration and interactive kiosk applications. This is a powerful and versatile solution for all types of meeting rooms, auditoriums, courtrooms, and public spaces.

Some of the features are:

Graphics engine and touch screen interface for the Crestron® TSD-2020 HD Touch Screen Display
Compatible with most third-party USB HID-compliant touch screens
The HDMI output supports display resolutions up to Full HD 1080p60 and WUXGA
Features Crestron Smart Graphics
Supports dual-window or full-screen video
HDMI input accepts video sources up to 1080p60
Receives H.264 streaming video signals up to 1080p60/25Mpbs
HDCP 1.4 compliant
Built-in annotation capabilities
Customizable audio feedback
Built-in Web browsing

So, now you know how to turn your touch screen display into a high-powered graphical screen. Use this product to stun your viewers with a cutting-edge multimedia presentation, an interactive video display and more…Here’s to stunning graphics!

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(Content and images courtesy: www.crestron.com)

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