How to boost software adoption for improved collaboration within your organisation

It is very important that organisations adopt software that increases and improves collaboration within their businesses. However, persuading organisations to adopt new software can prove to be a challenge, especially when users are already accustomed to their daily workflow.

While businesses are always on the lookout for new ways to improve collaboration among their employees, they are slow to adopt software solutions that do this. We can understand the importance of adoption through the concept of the network effect.

The network effect states that the value of a product or service increases with each additional person who uses it. A suitable example is the telephone. If only one person has a telephone, this device is useless, as there is no one to call. The value of the telephone is only fully realised when it becomes a common household fixture.

Tips for Boosting Enterprise Software Adoption
The Network Effect

This also applies to video conferencing. As increasing numbers of users adopt this solution and retire all outdated solutions, its value goes up and the effectiveness of the solution is enhanced. There are certain tips to keep in mind to boost software adoption by organisations. Here goes with the five top tips…

Tips to keep in mind when driving software adoption

1) Choose a simple product: The more difficult the product is to use, the more likely is is that your employees will not use it. Difficult-to-use products simply slow down workflows and increase hostility toward change. For example, for video calls keep it simple, such as a one-click directory dialing and one-click screen sharing

2) Communicate the benefits of the new software: Ensure that you spread the word. This will result in people getting excited about the new technology. Share what motivated you to purchase the solution and focus on how it will make users’ lives better each day.

3) Take advantage of training opportunities: Get educated about training opportunities. These could range from YouTube videos to full certification programmes. Training always lets users’ understand the increasingly adopt the new technology.

4) Gamify the adoption process: You can reward good adoption behaviour through gamification. The latter can be as simple as holding a raffle for all users signed up by a given date, or then, as elaborate as a software-based badging and scorekeeping programme.

5) Stick to a plan: Limit your organisation’s support for all current, outdated products, even as your users adopt the new technologies. Limiting choices will help users use the new and improved product.

While there is no cookie-cutter answer to software adoption in your organisation, you will be better able to capitalise on the network effect advantage by following these tips. Do enable users in your organisation to take advantage of the latest software for collaboration. Here’s to a seamless communication and collaboration experience!

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