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Top 6 AV Trends to watch out for in 2016

As an end-consumer of audiovisual solutions, you may be tired of the same old PowerPoint slides. If so, you have a lot to look forward to! The year 2016 will be a year of change for the AV industry, with several new trends engaging both AV professionals and customers alike! These trends will continue to transform the already rapidly changing AV industry.

Some of these trends are:

1) The IT and AV worlds will come together: IT and AV will work together with the latter becoming more IT centric. Also, AV will adopt many of the best practices (and jargon) of the IT world.

2) Introduction of Video over IP products: To get over running specialised fixed-length cables that change every few years, many new video over IP products will be coming to market. Most AV companies will have to adopt this technology or lose their clients.

3) Video walls as the fastest-growing segment of AV: The cost of video walls is dropping dramatically, so these will be used quite extensively in 2016 with more and more uses and applications being found for them.

4) Open standards will be used rather than proprietary connections: AV will become increasingly computerised, with a generic processor performing many AV tasks. Solutions will be built using open standards rather than proprietary software.

5) Interactive screens: Interactive touch screens will be on the rise, as a person’s first instinct when they see a digital screen is to interact with it. In 2016, Power-over-Ethernet (POE) screens and other displays will increasingly emerge in the AV market.

6) LED lighting: AV professionals will integrate LED lighting with video systems. This will allow them to colour match LED lighting to suit screen content and themes. Also, LED lighting is more energy efficient.

While these are some of the top trends that will impact the AV world, there are others that will emerge as well! As an AV professional or an end consumer, do keep these trends in mind when setting up your very own AV solution or network.

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