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Tips on how to look after your AV equipment during the monsoon

The rains are almost upon us and we start preparing in right earnest for the first and subsequent downpours. We dust off our raincoats and umbrellas, buy monsoon boots and get ready to wade through heavy showers and flooded streets.

However, do you ever give a thought to your electronic equipment, including your video collaboration infrastructure and how it will weather the monsoon months? It’s as important to monsoon-proof your equipment, as it is to do so for yourself. This guide will not only detail the top 5 monsoon problems you should watch out for, where your electronic equipment is concerned, but also the 6 preventive steps needed to ensure that your equipment works perfectly during and after the monsoon. So, here goes…

Five monsoon problems to look out for

These are the 5 most common problems that can affect your electronic equipment if you are not careful enough.

1) Patches on the screen of your LED/LCD displays: This occurs due to excessive moisture in the environment. It leads to degraded image quality and even dead displays, requiring expensive replacement.

2) Erratic performance of the equipment: This could be caused by a failure of internal components, like capacitors.

3) Accelerated corrosion of terminals and ports due to humidity: Contact surfaces of plugs and sockets can become corroded in high humidity conditions. This prevents good electrical contact, which affects system performance.

4) Visible mold or fungus: This is something to watch out for, especially if it occurs in any area near your critical AV equipment. You should relocate the equipment to a dry area, if necessary.

5) Leakage of electric current in some devices: This occurs due to improper earthing or grounding of electrical points.

Knowing these most common monsoon problems means that you can think about the steps to prevent them from occurring.

Six preventive steps to protect your AV equipment

Here are some steps to ensure that your valuable AV equipment is not damaged during the rains.

1) Ensure that your critical and expensive equipment is kept in an air-conditioned environment: This also ensures lower humidity and dust. You should also try to keep the temperature constant because sudden cooling or warming can cause condensation that can damage your equipment. You can also use your HVAC system with its humidity controllers and centralized AC to maintain your environment.

2) Install a dehumidifier and silica gel packs: A dehumidifier ensures that the moisture levels in the air are kept low. You can also place fresh packs of silica gel near the ventilation inlets on all equipment. You should also consider installing a humidity sensor to ensure ventilation when the humidity gets high.

3) Ensure that all electronic equipment is properly grounded: This is important in order to ensure that it is not damaged by high-power static currents. Effective grounding creates an electrical environment that results in low levels of electrical noise and enhances the safety and performance of sensitive electronic equipment.

4) Install dust covers on all your unused ports and cables: You should do this, as well as wipe down your electronic equipment frequently with a soft, dry cloth to eliminate any moisture and dust.

5) Use your electronic equipment regularly during the rains: Do not leave your electronic equipment unused for long periods. Fortnightly checks, in which the equipment is in use for at least half an hour is a good idea.

6) Ensure your electronic equipment: You should do this to protect yourself against the cost of expensive replacements, and ensure that you also service your electronic equipment after the rains.

Now you know not just the 5 common problems that can affect your electronic equipment during the monsoon season, but also the 6 preventive steps you can take to protect your equipment from damage. Do follow these tips and enjoy this year’s monsoon for all the right reasons!

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