Audiovisual (AV) Integration in 2015 is very different from what it was in 2005, 2008 or even 2010.   There are certain ongoing trends that have completely transformed the AV Integration industry.

For example, everything is moving to IP video over CAT5 and AV integrators are increasingly refitting businesses that they designed and integrated AV for in earlier years by changing the format of the video to packets.

Exhibition for AV integrators

Also, in 2015, the AV integration industry is focused on different disciplines that they were not focused on previously, such as IT-based disciplines. Increasingly, AV integrators are working closely with the IT department to design, build, and integrate cutting-edge AV integration systems.

AV integrators are also now taking a more holistic view by taking into consideration the furniture, the lighting, the sound, the walls, and even the floor before designing a suitable AV system.

So, the AV integration industry is poised at a unique place in 2015. New trends and new technologies are transforming this industry faster than ever. Both the consumer and the enterprise AV integration market are changing rapidly and consumers and businesses can take advantage of these changes.

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