Today, saving energy makes perfect business sense. Saving energy costs is not only politically correct, but is big business! There are certain companies like Lutron that design intelligent lighting solutions and use cutting-edge technology to save energy through smart lighting.

This video details the different Lutron methods and technologies that help homes and businesses save energy by setting up intelligent lighting solutions. These solutions are extremely valuable for businesses, as they strive to reduce energy costs. Using these methods, businesses can save up to even 60% of lighting energy costs. Homes can also benefit from intelligent lighting.

Lutron Lighting for Businesses
Some of these methods to save energy include:

Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing: As the name suggests, this method automatically turns off lights when nobody is in the room. Using this, you can save 20% to 60% on lighting energy costs.
Daylight Harvesting: This method lets you communicate with dimmers to detect changes in daylight. Dimmers then automatically adjust lights throughout the day, depending on the amount of daylight in a space. This results in a saving of 25% to 60% on lighting energy costs.
High-end Trim: The human eye can barely distinguish between a 100% lighting level and an 80% lighting level. Using High-end Trim sets the lighting level in a space at 80%, rather than at 100%. This results in a 10% to 30% saving on lighting energy costs.
Personal Dimming Control: This method allows you to control lighting directly over your work station. This increases productivity and reduces eye strain and glare, and saves lighting energy costs by 10% to 20%.
Timeclock Scheduling: This automatically turns off lights at certain times of the day preventing the wastage of energy when a space does not need to be illuminated. This saves lighting energy costs by 10% to 20%.

Lutron Lighting Control System
Lutron Lighting Control System

These methods are the result of cutting edge technologies, such as:

Clear Connect Radio Frequency (RF) Technology: This enables seamless communication between Lutron wireless system components. These operate on a dedicated frequency, ensuring that the system is free of interference and that it will not be affected by a neighbouring frequency.

XCT Sensing Technology: Lutron motion sensors detect even slight motion, such as the turning of a page. They then adjust the lights accordingly.

Dimming Technology: Dimmers and Dimming ballast and drivers offer smooth continuous dimming of lights from 100% to 1%. They work with all types of light sources, including incandescent lights, fluorescent lights, and LEDs.

So, now you know more about how you can save energy for your home or business using intelligent lighting solutions. Do take advantage of these methods and technologies and reduce your energy costs substantially. Here’s to intelligent lighting!

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