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Professional Quality Microphones for Multi-Applications

Whether you need to pick up the low frequencies of sound or negate them to focus on the voice or main audio, good quality microphones are the primary interfaces for your audio source. Vocal, Instruments, karaoke or concert, different types of microphones are required to suit various needs. Stage performances and Stereo recordings need highest quality of audio products, best in material and construction.

The new PG Alta series launched by Shure captures sound for versatile applications using Cardiod Condenser & Dynamic microphones. Polar pattern of a microphone is the sensitivity to sound relative to the direction or angle from which it arrives. The most common patterns are Omnidirectional, Cardioid & Supercardioid. A cardioid microphone has the most sensitivity at the front and is least at the back, suitable for stage performances. It cuts out ambient noise and reduces feedback more than the omnidirectional.

Cardiod Pattern for PG Alta series
Cardiod Pattern for PG Alta series


The microphones are sleek black metallic that reduces feedback and background noise with the assurance of high fidelity sound.

The following microphones can be used for various purposes as outlined:

Recording Mic – PGA 27 : Recording, ideal choice for beginners or semi-pro musicians for vocals & instruments
Also available with USB connection

Vocal Mics – PGA 48/58 : Vocals, pub quizze, karaoke, 70Hz to 15 KHz. PGA 58 has wider frequency response, both come with 4.57m cable (XLR or 1/4″ jack version)

Instrument Mics – PGA 57/81 : Amplified and acoustic instrument applications, on-stage or studio miking of instruments
Used by beginners or semi-pro musicians

Instrument Mics – PGA 98H/181 : Flat-response cardioid condenser microphone for instrumental and vocal recording
98H optimized for wind instruments, suitable for live performance & recording

Drum Mics – PGA 52/56/98D : Kick drum and low frequency performance and recording

Mic Kits are also available that include a complete set of mics for studio recording & acoustic instruments as a package

(Content & Image Credit: Shure)


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