While most of us are increasingly using digital forms of content for our presentations – there are some situations in which using physical documents and objects continues to be necessary. This is especially true in design, healthcare, education and manufacturing applications where printouts, transparencies and slides may need to be displayed.

But for many presenters, using a visualiser (or document camera) can be an inconvenient or unintuitive experience. Quite often it involves switching sources, aligning material properly and then hoping that the clarity and lighting is up to the mark.

The WolfVision VZ-9plus³ is a portable desktop Visualiser that is designed for presenters looking for maximum usability.

The unique combination of Synchronized Lasermarkers and a Live Image Preview Monitor ensures that a presenter always knows exactly where to place items to be displayed. The “lasermarkers” are synchronized with the camera and change accordingly when zooming in and out (but remain invisible in the picture). This makes the VZ-9plus³ very simple to operate, while the premium quality lens with its impressive 16x optical zoom capability provides presenters with maximum flexibility during presentations or even for video conferencing.

These features have won it many design awards, including two of the largest and most renowned design competitions in the world: The Japanese “Good Design Award” and the European “Red Dot Award: Best of the Best”.

WolfVision VZ-9plus³

A few of features that make this product stand out are:

No Light Adjustments Necessary: The light system is optimized for the working surface, so there is never any need to make any light adjustments. Neither the audience nor the speaker will be blinded in a darkened room, and there is no disturbing stray light from the Visualizer on the projection screen.

Large Zoom Range: A large optical zoom range (16x) allows the camera to pick up objects in full resolution with great clarity. This means that objects as large as an open book or as small as a postage stamp can be made to fit the screen.

Intelligent arm with 1 -step folding system: The most sophisticated mechanical part of the Visualizer VZ-9plus³ is the intelligent arm with its 1 -step folding system. With just one simple pull, the arm comes up, camera and light automatically move into the working position and the unit switches on.

Easy to Use / Zoom Wheel: Less experienced users only need to use the zoom wheel on top of the camera head (or the zoom keys on the remote control) as everything else (focus, iris etc) is adjusted automatically.

290º Tilt Range of Camera: This Visualizer offers the possibility to record almost anywhere in front of or behind the unit. When objects are too big to be placed on the working surface or need to be shown from the side (like glasses of liquids etc.), just tilt the camera head and the light of the Visualizer to pick-up objects behind the unit.

Recordings in Front of the Unit, with Image Flip: The VZ-9plus3 can record objects behind and in front of the unit. When the camera of the Visualizer is turned to record in front of the unit, the image is automatically turned around 180 degrees (“image flip”), because otherwise such recordings would be upside down.

(Image credit: www.wolfvision.com)

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