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Making enterprise video conferencing more inclusive

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s difficult to meet up with collaborators personally, and video conferencing has become accepted as a powerful tool to make up for this. It allows you to  “virtually” meet with a team of people within seconds – no matter where everyone happens to be — and enables a conversation that’s nearly as effective as actually being there in person.

Polycom has introduced Polycom HDX Series which allows you to connect and collaborate visually with anyone across your organization. It allows video conferencing to move out of the exclusive boardrooms and be provided to each and every person within an organisation. This means that whether you are holding a simple interview across campus or staging a large project team meeting, you can conduct this from one common platform.

Some key features of the Polycom HDX solution are:

Flexible, cost-effective, high-definition communications

Polycom uses HD technology, HD voice, HD video, and HD content for good performance

Natural white-boarding collaboration with Polycom VisualBoard Technology that is embedded into many HDX systems

Voice locating technology with the optional EagleEye Director that allows users to have a truly in-person experience

Increased usability and simplicity, with the optional Polycom Touch Control giving users total control at their fingertips

Very simple technology, to use your own tablet to start and manage video calls


Products in the Polycom HDX Series family Include: 

Polycom HDX 9000—integrator telepresence for high impact visual experience

Polycom HDX 8000—the ultimate room telepresence experience

Polycom HDX 7000—extraordinary telepresence for everyday communication

Polycom HDX 6000—room telepresence with a fast ROI

Polycom HDX 4000—personal telepresence

Polycom HDX Packaged Solutions—flexible designs for advanced visual communication

Polycom VisualBoard technology

For more information about deploying the Polycom HDX Series visit or contact our team at 022-30808000/

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