Integrate and control every audio, video and environmental element

You may want to be able to integrate all of the audio, video and environmental elements in your home or business at the touch of a button. You may want to ensure power, performance, and scalability of all of your audio and video applications. You may want to support external devices, such as touch panels, keypads, and expansion modules.

If so, you need the AV2, which is a Crestron 2-series control system processor. This processor is the brain of a complete integrated AV or automation solution. This control system makes every audio, video, and environmental element of the home, boardroom, classroom, or command centre integrated and accessible. The AV2 provides the ideal choice for today’s demanding control applications.

This control system processor is designed for medium to large-scale commercial and residential control applications. Several different ports and optional Ethernet provide the interface to control numerous devices including plasma displays, video projectors, plasma displays, DVD players, switchers, screens, lifts, and much more.

How to set up a complete control system
Support for devices such as plasma displays

This product also has a built-in power supply. This power supports external Cresnet devices including touchpanels, keypads, and expansion modules.

At the heart of the this control system is a powerful 32-bit Freescale ColdFire processor. This is Crestron’s exclusive real-time operating system, which makes the AV2 the fastest and most reliable control system available. The AV2 has a unique dual-bus architecture, which allows for ultra fast communications.

The AV2 is designed to deliver the world’s most advanced IP control solution. A choice of single or dual port Ethernet cards enables a full-duplex 10/100 Ethernet connection. This also has a built-in Web server and email client, and support for both static and dynamic IP addressing.

Some of the features are:

2-Series engine
Dual-bus architecture
Compact Flash memory card slot
Cresnet port
10/100 Ethernet capable
SSL encryption
e-Control 2 and RoomView enabled
SNMP support
Built-in firewall, NAT and router

So, there you have it…a control system that is intuitive, fast, and scalable and can integrate different media at the touch of a button. Do use it to ensure rapid and integrated communications. Happy communicating!

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