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Hear big cleanly and clearly

Whether you’re listening to CDs, watching a film in your home cinema, or giving a presentation, good quality speakers are extremely essential. But using an additional subwoofer also makes a huge difference. A good subwoofer improves your listening experience, by making the audio source sound bigger and more lifelike. It helps the amplifier and main speakers work more efficiently, with less distraction, and allows sounds to be heard more clearly.

Kramer has introduced the Tavor 8-Sub, a powered subwoofer that can be mounted on the wall, on the floor, or next to the wall, in a way that hides the control panel. The product replicates low-range audio frequencies and includes auto standby and adjustable crossover frequencies. It is ideal for boardrooms, conference rooms, presentation venues, and home theatre applications.

Its features are as follows:

It is a powered subwoofer

Has an 8″ aluminum woofer with rubber surround

Has a frequency response of 30Hz to 600Hz @−10dB

Has a built in power amplifier for a continuous program

Has 4 Inputs  – 1 line level stereo on RCA connectors, 1 LFE input on an RCA connector, and 2 high−level inputs on binding posts

Has a volume-level knob

Has a crossover frequency adjustment – 65Hz to 150Hz on a control knob

Has optional Auto Standby

Has power settings that can be selected – 110−120V AC, 220−240V AC

To know more about the Tavor 8-Sub powered subwoofer visit get in touch with Actis at 022-30808080 or at

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