Get a complete, circular view of everyone during a video call

Now you don’t need to worry about where you’re sitting in the room while a video conference is going on. You can sit in a circular fashion and talk, something that comes naturally to all of us. You can use this circular setting to foster understanding, as it allows you to look into the eyes of everyone with a simple look across or to the side. You can also share new ideas in a non-hierarchical environment.

You can do all of this with RealPresence Centro from Polycom. This product enhances the video collaboration experience for all users with its human-centric design. Earlier, in traditional video collaboration systems, a participant’s perception of others was markedly different, depending on whether that person was co-located or remote.

People located remotely felt excluded from certain conversations happening among participants seated in the same room. This phenomenon is called presence disparity and it is disruptive of collaborative and communication dynamics.

With this product, you can now defy distance and also fight presence disparity during your meetings. In the same way that Polycom transformed audio conferencing in 1992 with its first star-shaped conference phone, RealPresence Centro will soon take centre stage in the boardrooms and training rooms of different kinds of organisations for the next 25 years. It is the industry’s first unique centre-of-the-workspace collaboration solution that is built for the natural way in which we brainstorm, ideate, and solve problems.

RealPresence_Centro - The latest technology for video conferencing
RealPresence Centro

This product is a four-sided solution that’s designed to be placed at the center of a room. It includes 360-degree voice and video technology that automatically tracks the speaker while showing the entire meeting space on the screen.

Some of the benefits are:

It has native interoperability with Skype for Business
It simplifies the experience for users even as it extends the benefits of your Unified Communications (UC) platform
It has a 360°camera with 5 sensors to capture everyone in the room for a TV-production style output
It has built-in investment protection with H.323 and SIP protocol support, allowing backward and forwards interoperability
It has Zero Touch Provisioning that reduces installation time when registered to the RealPresence Platform

So, now you know that the latest technology for video conferencing and collaboration. Sit in a circle and communicate, knowing full well that everyone in the room and all interaction will be relayed in real-time. Use this product to collaborate in ways that you never have before! Here’s to great and continuing video collaboration!

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