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Crystal clear conversation for your conference room

Imagine you are in a conference call and you are not able to hear the other person’s voice clearly. Or then, you might hear a cracking noise, echo, static or poor sound quality. You check the connections, clear the receiver, restart the system, you do every possible thing to hear clearly, but you are not able to hear clearly at all! You can imagine how uncomfortable you would feel.

Keeping this in mind, Polycom has introduced the SoundStation IP 6000, which is ideal for small and midsized conference rooms. It offers advanced features like broad SIP interaction and remarkable voice quality with an advanced performance for SIP enabled IP environments. The device turns ordinary conference calls into crystal-clear, interactive conversations that sound as natural as if you were there. This happens due to a high-fidelity frequency of 220 Hz to 14 kHz, which captures both the deeper lows and higher frequencies of the human voice for conference calls. It also features technology that resists interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices, delivering  clear communication without distractions.

SoundStation IP 6000 for conference rooms
Polycom SoundStation in a conference room

Some of the benefits are as follows : 

Clarity: Polycom HD Voice makes your conference calls sound amazingly clear

12-foot microphone pick up: Its 12-foot (3.5-meters) microphone pickup is designed for small and midsize conference rooms accommodating up to 12 people

Flexible Room coverage: Advantage from optional expansion microphones and support for lapel microphones

Robust interoperability: Compatible with a broad array of SIP call platforms to maximize voice quality and feature availability while simplifying management and administration

Automatic Gain Control:  Adjust the microphone sensitivity based on where participants are seated

High-resolution display: Enables vigorous call information and multi-language support

For more information on Polycom SoundStation IP 6000, visit or contact Actis at 022-30808080 or at

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