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Elegant video conferencing solution for small spaces

You may be increasingly comfortable conducting video conferencing in your huddle rooms or smaller spaces. You may have always wanted a sleek, video conferencing solution that fits well into a smaller-sized room. You may have wanted a video conferencing solution that is ideal for smaller organisations and yet delivers the kind of quality you deserve.

Well, look no further. The RealPresence Debut from Polycom is an enterprise video conferencing solution especially designed for smaller spaces. This product delivers video collaboration that is sharp, rich and reliable with full 1080p quality. With this product, you can keep your meetings completely clear and on track even through tough and patchy network conditions.

Fine tuning by audio experts results in stunning voice quality and Polycom NoiseBlock technology mutes distracting background sounds. You can also share content both easily and reliably. Simply plug a cable into your laptop and automatically start sharing. You can also use Polycom’s SmartPairing technology to connect wirelessly to your mobile device, both to share as well as annotate.

RealPresence Debut
RealPresence Debut

A video conferencing solution for smaller meeting rooms needs to meet the unique needs of small spaces. This product uses a camera that is specially designed. It has a wide field of view and flexible pan and tilt adjustments.

RealPresence Debut has a compact design and can fit on top of your monitor. It does not have any boxes or cables that create a mess in small spaces. It also has integrated stereo microphones that capture every voice and nuance in smaller spaces. It has an optional extension microphone for even greater clarity of sound.

This video conferencing solution can be set up easily even without technical help. All you need to do is place it on your display and connect two cables. You can also use RealPresence Cloud-enabled video services. Simply enter your account information and you can start making video calls almost immediately you unpack this product.

Some of the benefits are:

Extremely simple and easy to use
Compact design eliminates clutter
1080p video collaboration that is sharp, rich, and reliable
Camera especially designed for smaller spaces
Clear sound and enhanced voice quality

So, now you know that you can use this video conferencing solution for huddle rooms and small spaces. Do check it out and enjoy clear, crisp video conferencing, however small your meeting room is. Happy viewing and listening!

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